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Types of Forensic Science

Some common types of forensic science include:

  • 1. Forensic Biology: Deals with the investigation of the biological evidence like blood, saliva, therefore, to identify a person, an occurrence of death and reveal a suspect by means of DNA analysis.
  • 2. Forensic Chemistry: Chemical substances analysis which are evidenced at crime scenes are extracted, such as drugs, explosives, toxic chemicals, and arson residues; these will help in any courts of law.
  • 3. Forensic Toxicology: Casework involves the identification and amount of drugs, alcohol, and poisons in biological samples, such as, blood, urine, and tissues to find out whether they vary when ascertaining the injury or death.
  • 4. Forensic Pathology: Dedicated to the assessment of death occurrence, including due causes, how, and where a person died by autopsy, examination of bodies, and analysis of medical records which is deemed to be essential in criminal trials.
  • 5. Forensic Anthropology: Employs the knowledge of human skeleton anatomy to find clues to identify human bones, calculate the age, sex, ethnicity and stature of the individual found and show the signs of the traumatic wounds or abused person pattern.
  • 6. Forensic Entomology: The discipline of Forensic Entomology offers a lot of information about insects and other arthropods that might be found on human remains in order to determine the time of death, the place where the body lies or the post mortem interval in criminal inquiry.
  • 7. Forensic Odontology: Provides dental forensics expertise in the identification of human remains, a match bite marks with the suspects or victims, and analysis of dental records to establish identity or use for criminal case evidence.
  • 8. Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry: Mental pathology, competency, responsibility of parties in legal procedures are examined from the standpoint of the abstracts of mental states, behavior and motivation, and witness credibility.
  • 9. Digital Forensics: It is a process of examining and analyzing digital gadgets among the many, like computers, smart phones and the storage devices, to assemble and investigate the electronic evidence, which is related to cybercrimes, data breaches and digital fraud.
  • 10. Forensic Document Examination: Analyze the documents, focus on the subject matter writing, signatures, and any probable alterations aiming at determining their validity and significance in the issues at hand.

The areas of forensic science mentioned above are only a few from the diverse fields in this field, there is a possibility for overlapping of those disciplines used in real-world investigation.

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Forensic science coursework help

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